…Россия — это когда уже хочется кушать, а всё самое страшное ещё впереди.

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A man shot himself in a shooting range

A man shot himself at a shooting range with a Baikal 442 pistol in front of a shooting instructor. The incident took place in Novosibirsk at the ‘Siberia’ shooting club.
It is reported that the 59-year-old man was seriously ill and decided to commit suicide in this way.

*pistol ‘Baikal 442’ is a sports training model of a Makarov pistol chambered for 9mm PM.

Novosibirsk, Russia.


Tribute To The Waffen SS

Out with the old in with the new shit, Mark said keep it clean, do this
Straight from the streets, Run and tell them new kids
B.P. is back with the new shit
Who this pressed on being stupid
Useless why you so damn dufus
A. L. K. still be the truest, If you bad mouth me then you gettin' two hits
One to the eye, one to the lip, And all this here comin' straight from the hip
And all I wanna do is just make music and get paid, like the Slim Shady dude did
For the love of the game I'mma - do this, Get rap like sex cause I move hits
And I'mma sit around for the revenue split, When the band altogether takin better new trips
Cause ah..

Моя борьба (Майн Кампф, Mein Kampf) / Адольф Гитлер (№2877)

1 апреля 1924 г. я был заключен в крепость Ландсберг — согласно приговору мюнхенского суда. Я получил досуг, позволивший мне после многих лет беспрерывной работы засесть за писание книги, которую многие мои друзья уже давно приглашали меня написать и которая мне самому кажется полезной для нашего движения. Я решился в двух томах не только изложить цели нашего движения, но и дать картину его развития. Такая форма даст больше, чем простое изложение нашего учения.

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How To Lower Humidity In Grow Tent Or Grow Room (banned by Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs)

As indoor growers, keeping the relative humidity in check can sometimes be risky and cause problems.
Experienced indoor growers know that the optimal humidity level in your grow tent is critical to successfully growing indoor plants. If the humidity is too high in your grow tent it is how to lower humidity in grow tent.

Don't use OVH hosting services

This little story is about how my OVHCloud VPS was suddenly terminated, and I was left unable to download any data from it.

Blood & Honour Nederland (banned by the Russian "court")

De internationale organisatie van nazistische skinheads “Blood & Honour” (B&H) is in Nederland een vrijwel onbekende organisatie. Dat is niet voor niets. In tegenstelling tot in veel andere landen, is B&H hier tot voor kort nooit uit de verf gekomen. Daarnaast hebben de pogingen om tot een Nederlandse B&H-tak te komen altijd in het semi-ondergrondse plaats gevonden. De laatste tijd zijn er echter meer geslaagde pogingen gedaan om Blood & Honour van de grond te krijgen. Sterker nog, er zijn zelfs twee organisaties met die naam in Nederland actief.

How to build a flamethrower (banned by the Russian "court")

I made this a flamethrower for a school science competition and successfully take the first place. Immediately after the competition they took a it to the school museum and work on it was not possible to continue. Next I will tell you how to build a flamethrower.

Remember, Kids

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